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Meet The Team

Organized as a team to deliver the highest levels of Client Service


Jason Davis

Founder, The ACD Group | Licensed Real Estate Broker

Jason brings unmatched experience to the real estate brokerage business. After spending nearly a decade as an Investment Banker on Wall Street advising corporate executives on large multi-billion dollar transactions, Jason decided it was time to follow his passion in real estate. After successfully cutting his teeth in the business at the venture funded real estate startup, Flyhomes, as Head of Sales and Business Development starting his own real estate venture was the natural next step. Jason founded ACD Property Group (“The ACD Group”) because he loves working with real people and helping them navigate one of the most important and meaningful transactions they’ll ever make. It’s a pretty awesome thing to wake up and get excited about each and every day! Clients benefit from Jason’s expertise in deal management, financial valuation, and negotiations. He brings passion and unsurpassed work ethic to every client’s transition. Not to mention, Jason has a natural way with people and an uncanny eye for design and aesthetics. Jason and The ACD Group have quickly risen to one of the top producing teams in the Chicagoland area, accomplishing in just a fraction of the time what takes other brokers a full career to achieve. They’ve done this by focusing on successfully delivering real value to buyers and sellers at each step along the transaction. And by having a lot of fun along the way!

Jason received a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from NYU Stern School of Business with Specializations in Real Estate and Finance, and a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University where he majored in Applied Economics and Management (AEM).


M: 607-342-4905
O: 312-448-7904


Nell Callahan

Licensed Real Estate Broker

As a lifelong resident of Chicago, Nell has a love for this city and the people who call it home. One of her greatest strengths and passions is working with people and building meaningful lifelong relationships. So, after beginning her career in investor relations for a Fortune 500 company, she eventually found she could best deploy those passions as one of the first members of a venture funded real estate startup, Flyhomes. She was quickly thrown into the fast paced world of buying and selling and became one of the company’s top employees.

Nell’s individual successes naturally led her to establish a partnership with her then colleague, Jason Davis, to form The ACD Group, where they could begin driving even more value for their clients. Clients don’t only benefit from Nell’s genuine interest in people and vast knowledge of the Chicago community, but also in her heightened sense of organization and attention to detail. Nell’s ability to really listen to her clients also allows her to proactively anticipate their needs and deliver the value they are looking for. She’s also just great to connect with generally on anything Chicago, especially where to grab a bite to eat!

Nell received a Bachelor of Arts from Butler University where she majored in Communication Sciences and Disorders.


M: 847-637-6074
O: 312-448-7904

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